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Two 13-Year-Old Palestinian Girls Stab Police Officer

Israeli police said two 13-year-old girls from Israel’s Arab minority stabbed and lightly wounded a security guard in a town near Tel Aviv on Thursday and were arrested.

A wave of stabbings, shootings and car-rammings carried out by Palestinians has killed 27 Israelis and a U.S. citizen since October. Israeli forces have killed 101 Palestinian assailants, according to authorities.


  • 1. Zev Tzvi wrote:

    I’m sorry 2 say this, but I just don’t think Isreal is a safe place 2 go now. Yes it’s 25 years from the Gulf War when missiles were being sent 2 Tel Aviv & Yerushalayim & the Rebbe told ppl, don’t cancel ur trips 2 Isreal bec it’s the safest place in the world, & it was during shvat of Nun Aleph. But now I just can’t say I would fly 2 The holy land, hearing all these news reports about stabbings & shootings, mainly stabbings. I would rather go 2 Melbourne & Sydney instead, we just can’t understand the Rebbe’s words. But yes I think Lakewood & Brooklyn r a lot safer than the Holy Land. Unless ur gona stay home all day & not leave ur house, I really can’t say “Isreal is the SAFEST place in the world” Not with all the garbage that is goin on.

    • 2. Ezra wrote:

      It’s an attitude like yours that accomplishes exactly what these terrorists want: to make people afraid to live in Israel or to visit it, and thus to strangle Israel economically.

      If you’re too cowardly to leave the “safety” of Lakewood or Brooklyn, then at the very least have the decency to keep that opinion to yourself rather than blasting it out to the world and emboldening our enemies.

  • 3. Babushka wrote:

    doesnt mtter the age u can stab u can go to jail finished if it was a Jew who stabbed a arab soldier she would be kept in jail for life even if she only did it in self defence stop rthinking about what other country’s think JAIL FOR YOU
    on the other hand we shoudl think what other countrys will then bc then we wont get help from america canada etc.

  • 4. Crown Heights Resident wrote:

    I hope these 2 Arabs girls get prosecuted like an adult.

    Because if they can do the crime then they can do the time.

  • 5. To #3 wrote:

    I second that
    we must put them in Jail alothough we must think of other country’s//

  • 7. 2 Ezra wrote:

    I understand what ur saying, ur right. However what should we do, the situation is what it is, we could change it only through prayer, but there is no obligation 2 go & visit the holy land. Yes we don’t want the terrorists 2 cause us not 2 book flights, & fly there, but speak 4 urself, if u want 2 go, Go, but don’t say it’s ppl like me that r making the terrorists win in causing ppl not 2 go. What r u gona do stand in middle of tel aviv & hold up a sign 2 all the Arabs “Plz b nice, stop the stabbings & hurting ppl, just go on with ur life & find something 2 do”. I don’t think that’s gonadotropin work. Take a poll & ask how many ppl in CH & anywhere in Bklyn & take a survey, how many ppl r ready 2 book tickets 2 Isreal. I don’t think a lot of ppl say yes, even acc 2 what the Rebbe said 25 yrs ago exactly 2 the month. Maybe if u have a ticket already that’s standing 2 go against the Rebbe’s word, maybe don’t cancel it, that’s in ur hands, but 2 just say I’m going 2 isreal despite what’s going on 2 show u that I trust the Rebbe’s word, 4 that there is no Mitzvah 2 go. Unless u have a Simcha that u have 2 b there, go & watch out. But don’t tell ppl if ur not buying tickets 2 isreal now, it shows ur not trusting the Rebbe, my answer 2 u is, who says I have 2 go, if I want 2 stay in Bklyn, Lkwd, Monsey or L.A. that’s my choice & right 2 say I feel safer @ home, even though anything could happen anywhere 2 any1 @ anytime. So Ezra plz book urself a ticket 2 Tel Aviv & have a Gr8 flight & time. Thank u

    • 8. Ezra wrote:

      Your reading comprehension is as poor as your writing skills. (Is it that much trouble to write “to” instead of “2” and “for” instead of “4”?) I didn’t say that there’s a mitzvah to visit Israel; I didn’t say that everyone needs to jump on a plane and go there. You don’t want to go – fine, don’t go. All I’m saying is that if you are too cowardly to go, then keep that fact to yourself, ולא ימס את לבב אחיו כלבבו.

  • 9. 2 comment #8 wrote:

    It’s called short hand writing. It goes faster, & bec this isn’t a paper in school that u have 2 hand in, u could write however u want. I know exactly how 2 write correctly. In txt msgs I do the same.

    • 10. Ezra wrote:

      Yes, but the problem is that it makes it harder for others to read. Meaning, then, that your own convenience is more important to you than that of others – exactly the same misguided sentiment that leads you to post what you did originally without the slightest care about the effect it has on others.


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