New York Judge Gives Temporary Restraining Order On Law Banning Guns In Places Of Worship, Says “Self-Defense is No Less Important and No Less Recognized At These Places”


Passed within days of a stunning concealed carry ruling by the Supreme Court, New York States new gun laws are facing even further challenge in court, and the judge appears to be siding with places of worship.

In the recent challenge (Hardaway v. Nigrelli), the judge issued temporary restraining order against enforcement of a section of the new law banning licensed gun owners from carrying in places of worship.

According to the words of the judge in the order, “The right to self-defense is no less important and no less recognized at these places.”

The analytical breakdown by the judge goes so far as to detail their belief that the states law would in fact fail in court. As this is the not the first challenge made to the law, the State will likely appeal the restraining order in the 2nd Circuit Court, a place which has previously reinstated the law after a legal challenge.

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