(UPDATED 6:35pm) Russia Shifts Tactics, Fear Of Chemical Weapon Use

by CrownHeights.info

Russian President Putin announced the invasion of earlier this month, and immediately followed it with action. The following is a summary of incidents, numbers and breaking news on the war.

This article will be updated throughout the day as information becomes available.

6:35pm: From Sen. Marco Rubio:

Russia is making costly progress in their effort to mass troops to the North,West & East of Kyiv & have destroyed supply routes to the city from the SW. But access & resupply remains largely uncontested from the south.

6:30pm: General Update:

  • Hospitals in Mariupol Struck, Unknown number of deaths.
  • Multiple Safe Passage corridors placed for civilians to escape besieged cities.- Enerhodar to Zaporozhia – Sumy -> Poltava – Mariupol -> Zaporozhia – Volnovakha -> Pokrovsk – Vorzel, Bucha, Borodyanka, Irpin, Hostomel -> Kyiv
  • The Polish Fighter airplanes which were supposed to be transferred to Ukraine VIA the United States is stalled as the US balks at the deal.
  • The US authorities will not impose sanctions against uranium from Russia because American nuclear power plants depend on it.
  • Britain imposed a ban on exports of aviation and space products and technologies to Russia.
  • EU to approve new sanctions against Russia, Belarus.
  • The Russian MOD is forced to admit that conscripts have been taking part in the conflict with Ukraine after a number had been captured.
  • Russia loses 56 planes, 82 helicopters in 2 weeks of fighting. Numbers were released by the Ukraine Armed Forces.

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