Tatty’s Open Heart Surgery is Scheduled a Week after Mommy’s Shiva

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How much can they endure? How much can they suffer? How can these seven yesomim face the future?

The Kellner family are no strangers to challenges. With two special needs children, Rabbi and Mrs. Kellner embraced their lot with love, raising their beautiful children with grace. But then, their most caring and devoted mother was suddenly summoned to the Kisei haKavod.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, their dedicated father שמואל נחום בן לאה will be going in for open heart surgery.

Their hearts are broken and the family is nearing their breaking point r”l. It is up to us to step in and enable them to move on.

The Jewish community was plunged into mourning with the news of the sudden passing of Mrs. Chanie Kellner, of the Forest Park community. Mrs. Kellner, so full of life and vigor, returned her pure neshamah at the young age off forty-nine, leaving behind her husband and a beautiful family of children, including two special needs children who she so devotedly and lovingly took care of.

Chani lived a life of hakaras hatov, no matter what obstacles were thrown her way. She was so proud of her children, always expressing how blessed she felt for each one of them, including those with special needs. She didn’t need anything external to make her happy, she was always optimistic and upbeat – feeling the immense gratitude for what mattered to her most – her family.

As a talented “balabasta” she would use her creativity to help others and especially to express her hakaras hatov to rabbeim and teachers, sending them beautiful made mishloach manos and the like. Despite being extremely busy with work and her family she was also a tremendous “mevakeshes” faithfully attending shiurim for years.

Mrs. Kellner was there for her family, working early in the morning so she would have time to be there for her children when they would come home. Now, she is no longer there to welcome them and the responsibility rests on us, rachmanim bnei rachmanim to help her bereft family continue in the way she would have wanted.

Rabbi Kellner has been a constant rock of support and assurance to his vulnerable family, yet now, he himself is facing the knife and requires a serious open heart procedure and an extensive recovery period.

Who will be there for them now? Who will take care of their day to day needs, let alone their future? We cannot let this precious family collapse.

Please, open your hearts and donate generously so these open wounds can heal. Charidy.com/Chani

Please have שמואל נחום בן לאה in your tefillos.

Chani is survived by her husband Shmuel and her 7 children, Yisrael, Chaim, Rivky, Moishy, Yehuda, Avigdur, DevorahLakewood.

She is also survived by her mother Shterna Sara Saacks of Crown Heights, and her siblings, Rivka Hecht – Crown Heights, Esther Hurwitz – Crown Heights, Yakov Saacks – Dix Hills, NY, Menny Saacks – Boca Raton, Ruth Richman – UK, and Yisroel Saacks – Chicago.

Support them here: charidy.com/chani

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