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New PPP Loans – What You Need To Know

Many people are not aware of the scope of the new PPP!

For example, did you know that?

  1. PPP offers 2.5 months of payroll as a completely free grant
  2. If you are self-employed or are paid via a 1099, you can get the grant even if you don’t have any payroll!
  3. You may be able to get a PPP grant twice, thus receiving double the amount!
  4. The PPP sounds like a loan, but after you apply for forgiveness, the loan turns into a free grant!
  5. PPP funds are not taxable!!

Guidance available at

Self-Employed / 1099 / Schedule C

Businesses with Payroll

Partnerships (K-1 1065)

  • Guide for Partnerships (K-1 1065)
  • PPP First Draw Application Tutorial- Partnerships (coming soon!)
  • PPP Second Draw Application Tutorial- Partnerships (coming soon!)

Complete PPP Details

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