Governor Cuomo Launches “No Hate in Our State” Campaign

Earlier today, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched the ‘No Hate in Our State’ campaign that includes a series of comprehensive proposals in the FY 2021 Budget to combat hate, division and anti-Semitism in New York State.

The campaign includes passing a first-in-the-nation domestic terrorism law, investing $25 million for religious not-for-profit organizations vulnerable to hate crimes, creating an education curriculum on diversity and tolerance for students in New York and investing $2 million to support the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force.

The Governor also launched a new website as part of the campaign with more information about these proposals, and encouraged New Yorkers to sign on to the campaign petition to show their support.

In his remarks, governor Cuomo noted the growing issue of anti-Semitism in New York State.

“Forty-two acts of anti-Semitism in just the past two months. And it’s continuing. We had the stabbing in Monsey, which was horrendous. But we have swastikas popping up across this state. This past Sunday, I was at home, I got a call. I went to the Jewish Community Center. Eighteen JCC’s got an email bomb threat. So, it is here. The virus, the anger, the hatred and it’s spreading.”

“As New Yorkers, as Governor of New York, I want to make it clear that there is no tolerance for this activity on any level. It’s not just immoral, it’s not just wrong it’s also illegal. And we’re going to pass additional legislation to make that position clear. We will enforce the law to the fullest extent. We have increased the number of police resources and the prosecution of these crimes will be a top priority, and I promise the people of the State of New York that.”

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