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A Weekly Medical Minute: Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal and expected part of life. Stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test can and should spark some level of anxiety and nervousness in a person.

Yet the term Anxiety is also used to refer to a situation where ones feelings become excessive, all-consuming, and interfere with daily living. The┬áNational Institute of Mental Health estimates that there are about 40 million adults dealing with an anxiety disorder at any given time. That’s approximately 18 percent of the population.

This Anxiety can sometimes be crippling, with symptoms including shortness of breath, physical tenseness, and host of other possible issues. Anxiety can remain “under control,” or hidden, yet come out suddenly under stressful situations.

Anxiety, like many other mental disorders, has been a hushed topic for many years, with such issues being openly addressed only recently.

Taking action to quickly to address the issue can help a person function normally, and thrive for life.

There are presently many organization that aim to help people with mental disorders, and a growing number of professionals that are becoming trained in treating them. Therapy programs as well as new medications are available to help treat those in need.

If you feel that might need help for anxiety, depressive or harmful thoughts speak to your primary care provider, and they can assist you to find the help that is right for you.

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