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A Weekly Medical Minute: On Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Intellectual Disability, is on the rise, and along with it comes studies that look to its possible origins. Recent studies have found it linked with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic disorder that effects a child’s’ development. Along with this knowledge comes possible treatments and advancements, making it worthwhile to have a conversation with your pediatrician about getting tested if your child suffers from such a disorder.

– Dov Landa PA-C
  Clinical Director
  Tov Health Pomona, NY


Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems including learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. Usually, males are more severely affected by this disorder than females. Affected individuals usually have delayed development of speech and language by age 2.

This Weeks Medical Minute is Sponsored by Kāmin Health – Crown Heights Urgent Care Located at 555 Lefferts Avenue

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