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Tomorrow: Trump Expected to Declassify Shocking Memo

Friday, President Trump is expected to declassify a shocking memo and clear it for public release tomorrow. The report was put together by the house intelligence committee and is expected to accuse the justice department under President Obama and the FBI of abuse of power.

It was recently revealed that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a group called FusionGPS to put together the so-called “Russian dossier”.

The memo will reportedly say that the FBI knowingly presented this false “Russian dossier” to a judge in order to obtain a FISA warrant. They then used the warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and tap his phones.

The shocking details of the memo, already caused a high ranking member of the FBI to resign. Andrew McCabe is expected to be named as a key player in the alleged abuses. He resigned earlier this week.

The FBI and house democrats are out in full force trying to stop the publication. Nancy Pelosi the ranking Democrat in the house even demanded that Devin Nunes who leads the house intelligence committee be removed from the committee.


  • 2. not wrote:

    Shame on you for falling for propaganda and pushing it on your readers. We are smarter than this. I am ashamed to be part of a community that lacks critical thought. The FBI is full of Republicans, many of them veterans, not some imaginary traitors, and the White House is out to discredit the agency because they’re afraid of the Mueller probe. It’s as simple as that and you’re falling for it.

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      And you know this how? The FBI’s actions speak louder than your words. I doubt there are any Republicans there, just as there are none in the CIA; but if there are any they are not in charge and are probably how we found out about what the leadership was doing. Now the truth is starting to come out, and you Democrat traitors are panicking.

    • 4. Torah? wrote:

      How about let this be replaced with a TORAH discussion that relates to JEWISH life. Something that would would make a difference in JEWISH life.

  • 5. Izzy Tal wrote:

    Actually, it has already been reported that Trump lackey Nunes did not write the memo by himself: parts of it were dictated by White House staffers under orders from the president. Trump wanted that memo to try and discredit Mueller’s investigation into the (multitude of) wrongdoings of the Trump campaign team and of Trump aides.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      What difference does it make whether he wrote it himself or with help? How does that affect its truth? Mueller is already discredited, especially by the fact that even with his enormous staff of lawyers — more than a US Attorney for an entire state has — he has not yet found even one bit of wrongdoing by the campaign. The only charges he’s come up with are for Manafort’s private dealings with Russia’s enemy the Ukraine — obviously nothing to do with Russia or with the campaign — and a few people who did nothing wrong but then weren’t completely honest when the FBI asked them about it.

  • 7. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    Carter Page was already being monitored and investigated by the FBI for his contacts with an enemy of the US (Russia) in 2013, years before this dossier was created.

    A conservative website called Free Beacon hired a firm called Fusion GPS to investigate Republican candidates for the presidency, including Trump. This was done long before any Democrats were involved.

    This article is misleading and doesn’t present the facts as they are known today. If the editors wish to convey opinions and misleading information as news, then it should be labeled as such.

    • 8. Milhouse wrote:

      More Democrat lies. The Free Beacon had no connection to the fake “dossier” (which is just a fancy word for a file). Just because they had hired the same firm earlier for a different project doesn’t make them connected to the later corrupt project that Clinton secretly paid for. It’s like saying that if the mafia hire an accounting firm that once upon a time also did work for Trump, then Trump is somehow mobbed up.

  • 9. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

    To Milhouse:
    Are you for real? Why are you repeating (over and over again) what you’ve seen on Fox News?

    Like I said above, the FBI was investigating Carer Page years BEFORE the dossier was created. He was communicating with Russians. In case anyone isn’t aware, Russia is NOT an ally of the US.

    The main point of my comment was that the ‘article’ published here was one-sided and did not include the facts as known. Something like this belongs in an editorial or opinion page, not a site presuming to publish news.

  • 10. Drain the swamp wrote:

    The text between mouler staff (high ranking FBI agents) literally showed everyone what they really were doing.
    Undermining trump for political reasons. Plain and simple!!
    Drain the swamp!

  • 11. to the lefty that keeps commenting above wrote:

    Fact: Talking to russia is NOT a crime
    Fact: There is NO proof of Trump – Russia collusion
    Fact: There is proof of Clinton – Russia corruption
    Fact: Clinton paid for the report
    Fact: FutionGPS tried to hide the fact that clinton paid for the report
    Fact: Andrew Mccabe was the second in command in the FBI
    Fact: Andrew Mccabe wrote the exoneration letter of hillary clinton before the investigation was over, before they interviewed hillary
    Fact: Andrew Mccabe investigated Gen. Flynn
    Fact: Andrew Mccabe’s wife received a whopping $500,000 donation/bribe from a clinton “friend”
    Fact: Mouler staff were secretly texting one another their hatred for trump and plans to take him out
    Fact: Mouler staff worked in the FBI
    Fact: Mouler stopped an informant of testifying against a deal involving hillary clinton and russia

    Reportedly in the memo: FBI used fake memo to get warrant but failed to disclose that it was paid for by hillary clinton. Democrats are now crying that the memo “leaves out details” is laughable!

    • 12. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

      Can you provide proof of any of the items you listed as ‘fact’?

      What I see is a list of talking points being presented by the Republican Party as they try and send up subterfuge.

    • 13. Amused Observer wrote:

      “Fact”. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

      You might also want to learn how to spell “Mueller”. If you’re trying to come across as knowledgeable about a topic, it helps to get the very basics right.

  • 16. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Lest we not forget. The Obama administration through the Irs targeted pro-Israel groups and sent thei applications to anti-terrorist section of IRS–This was deliberate

    • 17. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

      Are you saying that because Obama was guilty of something then Trump and his team must be innocent?

      Not sure what one has to do with the other.

  • 18. Drain the swamp wrote:

    Ok so we have an admission that Obama is guilty. Good start.

    This memo shows that those doing the investigation into trump are complicit in the Obama abuse and therefore should be disqualified and prosecuted.

  • 19. jewish karma wrote:

    sheker does NOT stand on two legs!! TRUTH comes out. The Torah says it, the Rebbe told us, and we’ve heard it and seen it many times. Those who are older, really have seen it.
    Just sit and watch, it will happen. Their poisonous, self-serving ways will topple and everyone who was involved, with get fall-out.
    time to clean up.
    its coming on all levels, too. As yidden, we must make sure that we are “clean” and are doing things the kosher way.


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