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Miami to Be Spared the Worst of Hurricane Irma

From ABC 6 News:

Hurricane Irma’s leading edge bent palm trees and spit rain as it swirled toward Florida with 120 mph winds Saturday on a projected new track that could expose Tampa – not Miami – to the storm’s worst fury.

Tampa has not taken a direct hit from a major hurricane in nearly a century.

The westward swing away from Miami caught many people off guard along Florida’s Gulf coast and triggered an abrupt shift in storm preparations. A major round of evacuations was ordered in the Tampa area, and shelters there soon began filling up.

Still, Miami was not out of danger. Because the storm is 350 to 400 miles wide, the metro area could still get life-threatening hurricane winds and dangerous storm surge of 4 to 6 feet, forecasters said.

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    • 2. Huh? wrote:

      You are aware that there are shluchim in Tampa too, right?

      Also, the Rebbe never said anything about Hurricane Irma, unless you heard something that nobody else did.

    • 3. anyway wrote:

      the rebbe ALSO said that “if you don’t have anything positive to say it is better to remain silent”

  • 5. Menachem wrote:

    The Rebbe didn’t tell shluchim in Florida anything for 23 years already. You are living in Dreamland. What the Rebbe motioned by Hurricane Andrew has no bearing on Irma 25 years later.

  • 6. Deerfield Beach evacuee wrote:

    Miami is being hit very hard, although not the hardest. It’s still dangerous. We evacuated and no point subjecting family to such trauma. 130 mph winds isn’t the same situation of what the Rebbe said. Go explain to the Tampa Ft Myers and Key West shluchim


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