Will Facebook Soon Be Putting Ads on WhatsApp?

From the Washington Post:

Scrolling through an ad-free Instagram is now a distant memory, much like the once ad-free Facebook itself. Soon, users of its Messenger app will begin to see advertisements, too — and WhatsApp may not be too far behind.

Welcome to the Facebook ad creep.

The world’s biggest social media company has squeezed about as many ads onto its main platform as it can. The fancy term for this is “ad load,” and Facebook warned investors back in 2016 that it has pretty much maxed it out. Put any more ads in front of users and they might start complaining — or worse, just leave.

As such, Facebook, a free service that relies almost completely on ads to make money, has to keep finding new and creative ways to let businesses hawk their stuff on its properties.

One solution is to spread ads beyond Facebook itself, onto the other popular messaging and photo-sharing apps it owns.

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  • Write to Whattsapp

    I came up with a plan to avoid the ads but allow them to make money and I submitted my plan to Whattsapp. It is a business that needs to make money. If you can figure out how it can do that without turning Whattsapp into a drech site full of filth ads then tell them. But to tell them they can’t make money. That you can’t do.