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Amazon Opens Grocery Store Without Checkout

Amazon is testing a grocery store model in Seattle that works without checkout lines. Called Amazon Go, shoppers scan their Amazon app when they enter the store, and then sensors register items that shoppers pick up and automatically charge them to the Amazon app.

If a shopper puts the item back they aren’t charged.

Amazon hopes to completely eliminate the checkout process, as well as the long lines that usually accompany it.


  • 1. Uncle Mendel wrote:

    Terrific idea for bringing down the unemployment rate, making America grub again.

    • 3. Ezra wrote:

      Of course. By the same logic, cars shouldn’t have been invented until someone figured out what to do with all the manufacturers of carriages and buggy whips, horse grooms, etc.

  • 4. oldies wrote:

    What happens if I give my phone to someone else who will just walk around, take nothing and leave while I fill my bag with all the cheesecake who is charged?

    • 5. Chatckeh wrote:

      That’s a mixture of genaivah, gezailah, chulillul hashed, and plain old offensive. Here Donalds win gives us the power and here we throw it away ..

  • 6. Best wrote:

    For those who are complaining about lost jobs-newsflash, there are other jobs out there….

  • 7. Crown Heights Stores wrote:

    Great idea, we need to bring this project into some of our own stores:
    Especially Kehos. Imagine checking out within seconds! While we are out it, the smartphone could also tell us not to brother to go in because the book is out of print!


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