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Jewish Values, Halacha and Secular Law are Combined in Jewish Mediation (Beis Din) Service

Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, a prominent figure in Jewish advocacy and the Chair of Jewish Law and Ethics at Loyola Law School, has joined with Michael Lapin, a well-known attorney, civic leader and member of the Jewish community in Orange County, to bring to the field of alternative dispute resolution a different approach — that of underscoring mediation with the perspectives of Jewish law and values. They have formed Jewish Mediation Service to serve the southern California community.

Answering the question of why there is a need for a Jewish mediation service, Adlerstein says, “Mediation is not about legal positions and leverage alone. Primarily, it is about people — parties who recognize the advantage of arriving at equitable solutions without resorting to the courts. To succeed, some kinds of cases simply need a Jewish touch.”

Adds Adlerstein, “Mediation stands a good chance of success when both sides are motivated to reach a solution. Mediators who share a Jewish value system — especially experts in Jewish law and ethics — can help disputants understand whether showing flexibility is ‘the right thing.'”

“Skilled mediators,” says Lapin, “drawing on good negotiating techniques and thorough familiarity with the law, can help both sides to move where they could not alone. A Jewish mediation service can go well beyond this, when disputants identify with Jewish life, thought and themes. Using a Jewish mediation service immediately establishes a common platform and vocabulary, and jump-starts the mediation process.”

JMS is managed by a team that maximizes on mediation skill, many years of legal and business experience, immersion in Jewish law, ethics and thought.

The administrative office of Jewish Mediation Service is located at 3200 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 208, in Santa Monica, California 90404. Telephone: (310) 315-7370.

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