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New Chumash with Rebbe’s Pirushim discussed @ 2-hour-long meeting in 788 E.P.

On Wednesday afternoon a 2-hour-long meeting took place in the conference room of 788 Eastern Parkway to discuss the launch of a brand new project by Kehos.

The project, is a new Chumash with the Rebbe’s Pirushim in Loshon Kodesh.

With today’s important meeting, the hope is that very soon work will begin.

Participants @ the meeting included Rabbis: Yoel Kahan, Yehuda Krinsky, Yossi Friedman, Leibel Altein, Yaakov Moshe Wolberg, Chaim Shaul Brook, Dovid Feldman, Aron Leib Raskin, Ari Chitrik, Berel Levin, Yitzchok Wilhelm, Eli Matusof, Dovid Olidort, Yirmy Berkowitz, Gavriel Schapiro, Yisroel Shimon Kalmanson and Ari Sollish. Participating via conference call were Rabbis Leibel Schapiro and Mendel Kaplan.

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