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Rabbi Groner Farbreings on Beis Iyar


A few dozen women of Crown Heights participated in a farbreingen arranged by Mrs. Chani Farkash in her home. Rabbi Yehudah Leib Groner – the Rebbe’s secretary, farbreinged with the women after an introduction by Rabbi Yehudah Rubin – Beis Chabad director of Alon Moreh, who updated the women regarding the struggle against the disengagement plan.

Rabbi Groner stressed the role of women as the ‘Akeres Habayis’ (main constructive force in the home), and her role at designing and maintaining the Jewish home. Rabbi Groner integrated his speech with stories from the Rebbe’s sichos etc. Crown Heights’ women anticipate a future follow up of similar sessions dealing with the role of the Chassidic women in their homes.

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