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Family Members of the Satmer Rebbe Daven in Chabad

The Satmer Rebbe’s daughter in law from Borough Park was injured in a car accident and hospitalized in the Kings County hospital in Crown Heights. Due to past friction between Satmer and Chabad communities including cases of violence towards Chabadniks, the arrival of family members of the Satmer Rebbe to daven in the ‘Beis Binyomin’ shul on Montgomery Street may mark a new period of conciliation between the two communities.

Also, the “Ahavas Chessed” fund, headed by Reb Avrohom Lieder, was made available to the Satmer family and they were honored with an Aliya in the shul by Rabbi Lime Minkowits. COL was further informed that Rabbi Sholom Eliezer Teitelbaum delivered Torah thoughts on the Parsha based on the Rebbe’s Sichos.

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