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Community Council: “We are Unable to Uphold the Mikveh”

The Jewish Community Council of Crown Heights publicized a letter saying that they are unable to uphold the Mikveh on the corner of Union and Albany any longer; therefore, the Mikveh will be shut down again. The Mikveh, which caters to nearly a thousand people per day, was shut down a half a year ago and was only reopened after the intervention of several prominent council members. Now that the elections are over, the Mikveh is shutting down again.

After speaking to the community council this afternoon we were told “the mikvah costs us $12,500 a month and we are only raising on average $5,000 a month we haven’t got enough funds to be able to keep the service going, unless the community contributes so the only thing to do at this stage is to close the mikvah, we are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience”.

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