Updated 2:00pm: Manhole Fire Cuts Power to Parts of Kingston Ave, Sends Smoke And Flames Into the Air

by CrownHeights.info

A manhole transformer fire at the corner of Kingston Ave and President Street Wednesday morning knocked out power to some Kingston Ave buildings, and sent flames and smoke shooting into the air.

The fire was first reported around 11:35am, and quickly brought out a crowd of Crown Heightsers to watch as the transformers below the street popped and exploded.

Firefighters responded to the incident, and called the police for help with the large crowds.
As multiple buildings lost power, the firefighters began to evacuate buildings.

As of 12:10pm, the firefigting efforts were still ongoing.

Update 12:15pm: Flames can be seen as they travel to a second maintanance hole in front of Judaica World.

Update 12:50pm: The following buildings have been evaculated; -333 Kingston Avenue – two story mixed residential and commercial with one residential unit, -330 Kingston Avenue – unknown, -329 Kingston Avenue – three story mixed residential and commercial with zero residential units, -326 Kingston Avenue – two story mixed residential and commercial with zero residential units. Con Edison is en-route.

Update 12:52pm: Firefighters have doused the fire with a large amount of water, putting out the flames.

Update 12:55pm: Kahans is presently without internet, as is taking only cash transactions at this time.

Update 12:56pm: Con Ed is on scene, and is working to restore the damage.

Update 1:03pm: Reports of flickering lights and power disruptions on Eastern Parkway that may be linked to the Kingston transformer fire.

Update 1:44pm: The Fire Department has completed operations and have left the scene.

Update 2:00pm: At this time, Kahans is closed, as it is without electricity entirely.

This story is developing, and will be updated as information becomes available.

Fire in Maintenance Hole @CitizenApp

Kingston Ave & President St 11:37:26 AM EDT

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