Mother and 3 Children Killed in Brooklyn Blaze, Others Injured

A fast moving fire has tragically claimed the lives of a mother and her three children, while injuring a number of others in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Chesed Shel Emes is on scene and assisting in preserving kovod hames.


A fast moving fire broke out in the second floor of a home at 1945 E 14th St, between Avenues S and T in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, at around 2:30am, with the fire quickly spreading to the attic of the two and a half story structure.

Neighbors described seeing firefighters running into the burning house and attempt to rescue those trapped inside, while some of the residents were seen jumping out of the homes windows.

By 4:30am the fire was finally deemed under control and rescue personal discovered that four people perished in the blaze.

According to rescue sources a 40-year-old woman, an 11-year-old boy, a 7-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl died in the fire. Other sources said that the woman was the three children’s mother.

Five members of the same family managed to escape the flames, all suffered injuries ranging from critical to moderate. Five firefighters also suffered minor injuries.

“It was huge, it was unbelievable, and the father was standing in front of the house. He was covered in black. He was more than upset,” a witness told the New York Post.

FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said at the scene that the couple lived inside the house with their six children. One cousin was spending the night with them, he added.

“It was early morning, everyone in the home was asleep,” Nigro said, according to WCBS. “The fire gets started and it got a good start before a neighbor noticed and called us.

“The fire traveled very quickly,” he said. “The fire went from the first floor front, up the stairs to the second, again up the stairs to the attic.”

Nigro said “our city grieves with this family today.”

“This is a terrible tragedy, not just for this community, but for our city. This time of year, when these things strike, it just tears your heart out for the family,” Nigro said.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known, the FDNY said.


  • 2. Names for tehillim wrote:

    Please post the names for tehillim as soon as you can, for the father and boys and the firefighters who risked their lives to save ours. May they all speedily recover, physically and emotionally.

  • 3. Smoke detectors? wrote:

    PLEASE…. buy them, install them, on every floor of your homes. And check the batteries frequently.

  • 6. Tehillim wrote:

    ‎יוסף בן אהובה מסעודה
    ‎שילת אהובה בת לוזה עליזה
    ‎דניאל בן לוזה עליזה
    ‎אברהם בן לוזה עליזה

  • 8. Der Emes wrote:

    Before the last family member goes to sleep, the chanukah candles must be put out. We have an obligation to protect ourselves to the best of our ability. The Torah warns us–Venishmartem MEOD Lenafshechoisaychem. This is a mitzvahs eseh Deoiraisa-a Biblical commandment. Due to the extreme danger of leaving the candles unattended, we are obligated to put them out before going to bed. This is literally a matter of pikuach nefesh mamish!

  • 9. Der Emes wrote:

    We must do our best to learn from this most horrific tragedy. The Torah teaches us–Venishmartem Meod Lenafshechosaychem. This is a mitzvah Deoiraisa. We have an obligation to learn all we can from this tragedy, in order to better protect ourselves. At this point in time, the fire authorities are pointing to the menorahs on the first floor, near the front of the house. We must insure that before all family members go to bed, the menorah’s are put out. This is a matter of pikuach nefesh mamish!


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