Fire Breaks Out at Crowded Pizzeria

A popular Crown Heights Pizzeria filled with customers sitting down for a post-Shabbos bite to eat was suddenly engulfed in smoke after a fire broke out in the kitchen.

The incident occurred about a half hour ago, at around 9:15pm, at Benny’s Brick Oven Pizza, located on Kingston Avenue between Montgomery St. and Empire Blvd.

The restaurant was quickly evacuated and b”h no one was hurt in the incident.

The FDNY responded with 4-5 fire trucks and quickly got the fire under control.

The restaurant’s management said that the restaurant would be closed for the remainder of the evening.


  • i've seen it before

    a fire in the kitchen is usually caused by dirty filters and grease buildup in the exhaust hood, extractor hood over the grill, stove or fryolator. thank g-d the fire suppression device extinguished the fire and no one was injured…..sometimes it’s a result of an oil spill….it is always better to spend the money on a clean hood as opposed to the time lost and cost to a fire cleanup and a visit by a fire marshal and then the code enforcement. looks like Benny lost some money….he will be inspected more often now, as a result of this instance.

    • yep!

      worked in more than 1 resturant. Owners, it’s not worth the grief. Keep the safety features up to date

  • ch'er

    which pizza is this?

    there was a conflict between 2 pizza shops in CH lately,

    just asking…. was this one of them involved?

    May Hashem provides sustenance to each accordingly

  • Great pizza

    Great pizza shop!!!! My personal favorite. And great service too. Glad BH no one hurt