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Trash, Ice and Spinning Tires Spark Car Fire

An irate motorist who had gotten stuck in an alleyway spent a half hour spinning his wheels in an attempt to free his car, but instead it went up in flames after nearby trash ignited.

The incident occurred at around 9:30pm in the alleyway behind homes on Carroll Street just off Albany Avenue. According to nearby residents, they heard the driver spinning his cars wheels for close to 30 minutes when his car suddenly went up in flames.

Firefighters responded and doused the flames. They believe the fire may have been caused by nearby trash that caught fire as result of the excessive heat.

Trash has been piling up in Crown Heights alleyways for over six weeks after NYC Sanitation works have refusing to collect trash due to the inclement weather.



  • 1. be helpful wrote:

    For 30 minutes none of the neighbors went to help? Maybe this was the act of chesed you were born for…

  • 2. Everyone call 311 wrote:

    And your local councilman to complain about the garbage. It is a crime already

  • 3. CHLEAKS wrote:

    ….”the driver spinning his cars wheels for close to 30 minutes”…..

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    (Albert Einstein)

  • 4. sz wrote:

    we must all carry sidewalk salt and sand in the cars in the winter time.
    that picture looks like beirut

  • 5. to # 1 wrote:

    what makes you so sure that no one came out to help or there was no one helping. Dan Adam lkaf zechus

  • 6. Call the local sanitation..... wrote:

    Ask to speak to the garage supervisor and demand the garbage be picked up……

  • 7. Moshe Chaim wrote:

    have the alleys been clean in the last 3 days?
    why are most alleys unpaved or full of potholes, who is legally responsible for the resurfacing.

    • 8. home owners wrote:

      The home owners are responsible. The alleyways that are paved, were done with achdus (unity) with all surrounding home owners.

  • 10. Los Angeles resident wrote:

    If something like this happand in L A the Police Hatzalah & Fire Trucks Will be there in a second!! Why dose it take 30 minute to arrive. New Yorkers wake up.

    • 11. I live in ch wrote:

      Perhaps we didn’t read the same article. The one I read said the owner was revving his engine and spinning his wheels for about 30 minutes.

      Don’t cast aspersions on this great city.


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