BR Campaign – A Mother’s Thoughts

By: A Bais Rivkah Mother

I used to think it was only a few people. 

Twenty? Fifty? Okay, maybe one hundred. How many scholarships could Bais Rivkah give already, with over 2,000 students?

Turns out, the number is over 1,699.

Let me spell that out: that’s over one thousand, six hundred and ninety nine students receiving a Bais Rivkah scholarship.

So why did I think that my daughter was one of a lucky few?

Maybe it’s because the school was so invested in making things work for me, to enable me to send my daughter off to school without the choking financial burden. It was a tailored experience that I have no idea how they repeat with so many parents. 

But that’s what Bais Rivkah is all about. 

A community school, an entire infrastructure of chinuch – and each girl is treated like the world. My daughter feels that in her classroom, with her teachers, and with every challenge that the school works with her to solve. 

Bais Rivkah invests heart and soul into my daughter, and then even more. 

And for that, I can’t thank them enough.

That’s why I’m going to donate to Bais Rivkah’s Scholarship Fund Campaign

(Also, there are prizes to win. Like, $1,000 to The Market Place prizes.)

How about you?


Bais Rivkah’s Scholarship Fund Campaign is now LIVE! 

Help us continue to give every child a worry-free, quality education. 

Invest in a BR girl. Win awesome prizes!

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