Parking Meter Rates in NYC To Rise Starting This October


Parking on Kingston Ave will be just that much more expensive in November of this year after the New York City DOT announced that it will be hiking parking meter rates throughout the city.

In a letter from the DOT, they notified that parking meter rates citywide for both passenger and commercial spaces would increase starting October 16, 2023. Brooklyn is scheduled to see the rise in rates around November 9th.

According to the NYC Department of Transportation, meters play a vital role in creating a safe and efficient curb network. They help encourage turnover and parking availability, which generates economic activity for local businesses and enhances traffic safety by reducing double parking and congestion.

Since 2018, metered parking has followed a multi-tiered rate structure that prices passenger and commercial parking according to neighborhood typology and characteristics, such as retail and commercial density, parking demand and corridor type. In addition, most meter rates follow a progressive rate structure that increases after the first hour to further encourage space turnover.

“Previous meter rate adjustments helped to encourage turnover while respecting the unique characterizes of different neighborhoods throughout the city,” the NYC DOT wrote in their letter. “The meter adjustments are being done in an equitable and proportional fashion, scaling the increases by neighborhood context and parking duration.”

In the areas outside of Manhattan, the DOT has delegated zones in which they will be charging different rates. Zone 01, Business Districts outside of Manhattan, will see a first hour charge of $2.50 and a $5.00 for the second hour. Zone 02, Neighborhood Retail Districts, will se a first hour charge of $2.00 and a $3.00 charge for the second hour. Zone 03, All Other Metered Locations, will see a first hour charge of $1.50 and a $2.50 for the second.

All meters within Crown Heights are Zone 03 meters.

See the NYC Meter Map:

Rate increases will be implemented on a rolling basis across the city beginning on or about October 16, 2023, according to the letter. As meters are reprogramed daily, new stickers will be affixed to meters informing users of the new rates, as well as updated in the ParkNYC Mobile Payment App.

“We anticipate the process to take approximately 8 weeks,” the DOT noted. “The general timeline for the start of implementation in each borough is as follows: • Manhattan – On or about 10/16/23 • Queens – On or about 10/27/23 • Brooklyn – On or about 11/9/23 • Bronx – On or about 11/22/23 • Staten Island – On or About 11/28/23.”

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