The Shidduch House – A Year of Community Service and Success

It has been a remarkable year for the Shidduch House. From its humble beginnings to the joyous celebrations of 20 successful engagements, they have remained steadfast in their mission. The Shidduch House was founded with the vision of providing a warm and supportive environment for those navigating the often complex and challenging process of finding one’s bashert. As they celebrate their first anniversary, the Shidduch House has become a shining example of compassion, dedication and selflessness. Not only have they assisted numerous individuals in their search, they have done so free of charge and have upheld this commitment with unwavering dedication. Now as they embark on a first ever fundraising event, they are asking the community for support to continue their vital work.

Over the last year, the Shidduch House has touched the lives of countless individuals both through personal appointments as well as the 30 events they hosted.This campaign not only marks a milestone for the organization, but also serves as an opportunity to highlight the profound impact they have made on the lives of those that have turned to them for help. They genuinely care about each individual’s journey and go above and beyond to ensure that every person feels valued and supported. Their success stories are a testament to the life-changing work that the organization undertakes every day. As they move forward , they recognize the need to sustain their efforts and expand their reach, and are therefore appealing to the community for support. Supporting the Shidduch house is not merely an investment in their work, it is an investment in the building blocks of our community.

To further enhance their services and provide even more effective support, the Shidduch House now seeks to hire shadchanim and compensate them for their time. This strategic step will allow the Shidduch House to harness their expertise with a more focused and professional approach. Working out of the Shidduch House and the dedicated offices, without any distractions, will ultimately increase the number of successful outcomes. They understand that investing in Shadchanim requires financial resources and their fundraising event serves as an opportunity for individuals to contribute to this worthy cause. By donating generously, community members can directly impact the lives of singles seeking to get married and ensure that every individual has the opportunity to find their bashert. By empowering the organization to compensate shadchanim, we enable them to devote more time, energy and expertise to each individual’s journey towards finding their bashert. This will undoubtedly yield greater results.

The Shidduch House has proven itself to be an indispensable asset to the community. Let us stand together as a united community and offer our support to this invaluable organization which continues to serve as a beacon of hope and support. In order to continue offering their services for free, they are appealing to the community. By contributing to the Shidduch House, you become an active participant in helping create more success stories.The testimonials of those who have benefitted from the Shidduch House serve as a reminder of what the Shidduch House has set out to accomplish and the unwavering commitment and expertise of the Shidduch House team.

“I had been in the shidduch dating scene for about 8 years. I am very grateful to all the Shadchanim that supported me throughout. However, one of the difficulties for me was the fact that many shadchanim didn’t know me personally. Suggestions were often sent based on factors that didn’t really make sense. Not only was the Shidduch House a great place to meet Shadchanim, but the Shadchanim then spent hours working and brainstorming to find me ( and everyone who attended) a match. I went to one of the Meet the Shachan events and just a little while later, a shadchan reached out to me with a suggestion. It was a breath of fresh air. She assured us that she had met us both and recommended that we give it a try. The rest is history. With Hashem’s help I recently became a Chosson.”      

Dovid Sandhaus

Boruch Hashem, my son just got engaged.  His shidduch came about through the Shidduch House. One of the shadchanim met this girl there and thought of my son for her, and, BH things worked out beautifully. I am so grateful to the Shidduch House.

Shaina Katz

“Thank you to the Shidduch House for the awesome events that you are making! The Meet the Shadchan event was a great experience. The Shadchanim took the time to get to know me and asked the right questions without being intrusive or judgmental. With genuine smiles and patience, they showed me that there are people who actually care!”

Rachel Sellem

“There are no words to thank you for your interest and concern for singles. May you merit to bring good news and joy to the community.”

Chaya R.

“Thank you to the Shidduch House for the personal care that made me feel warm and welcomed”

Dina L.

“The Shidduch House is a great resource. The Shadchanim I met were lovely, caring, and it felt really easy and comfortable talking to them. I believe this house can provide a lot of guidance for everyone to succeed in their Shidduch journey and make it a joyful and meaningful experience.”


Together, let us join forces and support the Shidduch House as they move forward. Through our generosity, we can ensure that their doors remain open, their services remain accessible and their impact on the lives of the individuals they are helping remains immeasurable. By donating to this noble cause, every individual has the opportunity to be helped along their journey. Together, we can make a difference and invest in the extraordinary work of the Shidduch House. Let us celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and look forward to even greater success!

To be a part of the Shidduch House success story

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