Oholei Torah Dedicates ‘Sha’ar Rosenfeld’ in Tribute to Longtime Director

The Board of Directors of Oholei Torah dedicated a primary entrance way to Oholei Torah’s sprawling Eastern Parkway campus in memory of Rabbi Yosef Chaim and Malka Rosenfeld a”h.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Rosenfeld led Oholei Torah for 63 years, taking the legendary educational institution from its humble days as a small Brownsville cheder to the vast educational network of thousands of students it is today.

For Rabbi Rosenfeld, Oholei Torah was his Shlichus from the Rebbe, and he put his heart and soul into the institution’s success, and the growth of Oholei Torah under his leadership is a testament to that devotion.

With his great enthusiasm and his unique charisma, Rabbi Rosenfeld forged relationships with hundreds of people who not only became staunch supporters of the school but dear close friends of both Rabbi and Mrs. Rosenfeld, as well.

Mrs. Rosenfeld, in her own right, was an outstanding educator and stood by her husband’s side as he devoted his life to Oholei Torah.

For the duration of the year of their passing, Oholei Torah students have dedicated countless hours of Torah learning to the Rosenfelds’ memories and many other projects in their memory.

Rabbi Nosson Blumes, Director of Development, and a close associate of Rabbi Rosenfeld for almost 30 years, has announced that the upcoming Annual dinner will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 5, Elul 19, in tribute to Rabbi Rosenfeld on his yahrtzeit.

The entire Rosenfeld family will be traveling from far and near to join in the event, and a group of loyal supporters will be honored and they will pay tribute to the Rabbi and Mrs. Rosenfeld.

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