Morgen Vet Zayn Gor Andersht! – The Oholei Torah Auction ends tomorrow!

You’ve seen the signs. Read the emails. Perused the prizes. 

Perhaps you’ve imagined yourself on vacation with your family in Eretz Yisroel or mentally filled up your Amazon cart. Maybe you’ve pictured surprising your spouse with a brand new megillah or a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Tzfasmans. 

This is your last chance to buy your tickets and become a winner. 

With an incredible range of prizes, there’s something for everyone. 

Prizes include:

$10,000 cash

$5,000 to Joy Travel

$3,000 to Modway

$3,500 to Tzfasman Jewelers

A $3,000 Menorah

A $2,000 Megillah

And more….

24 Hour Deal!

Use code GUTVOCH and get 3 extra tickets into the cash prize when you spend $180 or more!

(Deal Expires tonight at 9PM) 

Your generosity supports a Timeless חסידישע חינוך for our תלמידים. Now more than ever, a חינוך על טהרת הקודש is crucial in raising the next generation of חסידים. 

So don’t delay!

Margen vet zayn gur andersht! 

Tomorrow you will be a winner: