Kamin Health Urgent Care, Providing Crown Heights With Medial Care For Seven Years

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Dear Member of Anash 

If you’ve ever walked past the warm and brightly lit waiting room of Kamin Urgent Care while walking or driving late at night near Lefferts and Kingston, and noticed the comfortable chairs and large screen playing kosher entertainment and thought “Hmm, that place seems nice” before moving on, today I’d like to invite you to take a second look. 

Kamin Health has been serving the medical needs of the Crown Heights community and its many visitors for almost seven years. Ask someone who’s used our services, and they’ll tell you:

We do more than you might think

It’s not just strep tests and flu shots. Our staff can diagnose and prescribe treatment for a very wide array of conditions, and we can refer to specialists as needed. And with expert in-house suturing and on-site X-Ray, we’re here to help with all those bumps, scrapes, cuts and bruises our families inevitably deal with.

We’re there for you when you need medical services on Shabbos and Yom Tov 

Our staff knows exactly what you can and can’t do and how to take care of you, from pre-filling paperwork to providing some starter medications right away. 

We take care of our guests 

From shluchim to yeshiva bochurim and everyone in between, no matter the language or country of origin, no other medical provider in the neighborhood does more to work with travel insurance and out of state insurance coverage in order to give CH visitors quality, affordable medical care when they need it most. 

Kamin health helped our community get through COVID

When many doctors offices closed in those terrible early days of the pandemic, we stayed open and provided vital medical care to hundreds. Thousands relied on us to get the tests they needed to work and travel, and hundreds of travel catastrophes were averted through our super-fast last minute tests.

We go the extra mile to make it work for you financially 

We’re proud to have saved Anash families tens of thousands in medical bills over the years. We devote a lot of time and energy to navigate complex medical paperwork and advocate for our patients with their insurance providers and laboratory vendors to try and get as many charges and costs covered. 

It’s always a pleasant waiting room experience 

You won’t wait long, the room will be clean and warm, the chair will be comfortable, and your kids will have kosher entertainment to distract them. 

Doctors, PA’s and nurses who listen and care

Our staff don’t just rush our patients out the door with a prescription. We’re here to help you access the treatments you need right now, while also working to refer you to the right specialists if you need further assistance.

We invest in our community

We are very proud of the many young Anash medical professionals who have progressed in their careers by interning with us, and avoided the alternative of working in far more stressful and inappropriate environments. We are also proud of our record of sponsoring and donating to community organizations, including many of the smaller ones that often struggle to attract corporate sponsorship. 

In short, if you asked one of our patients, we think they’d tell you to give us a try. So the next time you need medical care, please stop in and say hi. I’ll be there to welcome you. 


Yosef Hershkop

Regional Manager 

Kāmin Health – Crown Heights Urgent Care



  • L

    I only have wonderful things to say about them for the times I’ve been there with my kid!!
    (I don’t live in NY)

  • Thank you

    Thanks to them hundreds of schluchim were able to get tested and thus registered for the kinus.
    Post covid.
    They were Lifesavers for us.

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