Track The Ten Yad Grand Split With Live Updates


Update 11:10am: The Ten Yad Grand Split is now at $471,000!

There is less than one week left to join the Ten Yad Grand Split, and the amount you can win is jumping constantly. (Update 11:30am: The Ten Yad Grand Split is now at $471,900!)

Join the rush and you too can have a chance at the largest Ten Yad Grand Split EVER! It’s so hard to keep track of just where the Grand Split is holding. (Update 12:00pm: The Ten Yad Grand Split is now at $472,000!)

Thanks to a collaboration between Ten Yad and, you can now follow the Grand Split in real-time with our ALWAYS LIVE banner which is constantly being updated with the latest numbers.

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A special Thank You to Moishe Muchnik and the amazing team at Spotlight Design.

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