Beis Din Supports Areivim Membership Drive

In the lead-up to the Areivim USA membership drive in Crown Heights, the Beis Din has released a letter of support for the Areivim program.

A free translation of the letter reads “we are aware of the Areivim program that supports orphans and widows in an honorable way. “Yasher Koach” to the organizers and all those that participate”.

The letter is signed by both members of the Beis Din Rabbi Osdaba and Rabbi Braun.

In wake of the recent tragedies, Areivim is doubling its efforts to register new members from Crown Heights. Areivim will be holding a public presentation with its director Rabbi Yosef Menahem Fishman.

The presentation followed by Q&A will take place 8:30 pm Sunday night 7 Tishrei, Oct 2nd, at Anshei Lubavich 578 Albany Ave. Between Midwood and Rutland Rd.

Men and women are invited. 

The event will also be broadcast live on the Chabad news sites.

To join AreivimUSA or for more info visit:


  • know the Facts!!

    I’m Not going to argue with rabbis but I will say that joining areivim is probably not sufficient and I would not bank on it as security in the event of a tragedy. I wouldn’t see it as a means of absolving me of my achrayis to my family.
    It might be a good option for someone who can’t afford to buy life ins or is uninsurable but today for most ppl
    It’s fairly affordable and not that difficult to o

    • Alex

      This is in addition to life insurance, which is not always enough, and as you mentioned, for someone who is unable to get life insurance due to medical issues.
      Someone who is able to get life insurance should definitely purchase that. I don’t think the Rabbonim are arguing that point
      Giving to Areivim is a great mitzvah and I believe Maaser can be used as well.