Badatz of Crown Heights Encourages The Community to Make Monday Yom Tefillah

Badatz of Crown Heights has encouraged the community to make Monday a Yom Tefillah, with added Tehillim and special Kinnusim in the schools.

In a letter released to the community before Shabbos, the Rabbonim wrote against the proposed regulation being pushed by the New York State Department of Education.

The following is a free translation of the letter:

As for recent years, people have risen up to sabotage the vineyards in the way our sons and daughters are to be educated recently they have increased to endanger our future and the Torah way of life, working in cohort with various governing bodies plotting a terrible decree to change the structure of the pure education of our sons and daughters, if these regulations would become law, the Government would be the ones empowered to decide which Yiddish schools we are entitled to choose for our Children!

Therefore, we have come to propose to establish a “day of prayer” (in reciting Psalms 121, 130, 142 and 150) as well as a “gathering of Torah, Teffilah and Tzedaka”,  “as one man with one heart”, in all educational institutions on Monday On the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan, and it would be commendable that others will see and do as well. 

Rabbi Avraham Osdoba and  Rabbi Yosef Braun, Members of the Badatz of Crown heights conclude the letter with a post Scriptum. “Here is the place to arouse also about the necessity of striving in the way of nature “Hishtadlus”, to inform the government that only in the way of our fathers will we go, to educate our sons and daughters in the way of the Torah. anyone can sign and easily submit their comments through the site

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