Lag B’omer Farbrengen and Siyum HaRambam

Irgun Torah invites the community for a Farbrengen in Honor of Lag B’omer, and in honor of the annual Siyum HaRambam

Over the past year, throughout the past year many members of our community have learned 3 chapters of Rambam daily, join us in celebrating in the siyum and farbreng with the mashpi’im and magidei shiurim.

This Thursday evening, May 19th, Chai Iyar, 8:00pm. At Empire Shtiebel 489 Empire Blvd. Seudas Mitzvah will be served.

Joining the farbrengen will be Rabbi Shmuel Heber and Rabbi Kasriel Kastel. With Magidei shiurim in Rambam: Rabbi Michoel Zajac, Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz and Rabbi Zalman Hertzel.

Participating Magidei Shiurim: Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz • Rabbi Zalman Hertzel – Tiferes Zekeinim • Reb Mendel Weintraub – 770 • Rabbi Michoel Zajac – Empire Shtiebel • Reb Mendel Potash – 8th grade • Rabbi Levi Rapaport – Reyim Ahuvim • Rabbi Shalom Ber Shpielman – Lefferts Shul. 

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