New Details on Yagdil Torah’s Brand-New Additional Location

Yagdil Torah is presently making preparations to open yet another Heichal Hallimud located at 1475 President with the entrance on Albany right before alley.

With fifteen years’ combined experience running a Heichal HaLimmud in every detail, Yagdil Torah knows how to make learning comfortable, conducive and pleasant. Some learners have attested that they have learned hundreds of hours more than they would have otherwise done thanks to Yagdil Torah. Yagdil Torah is collecting information from the current learners to best prepare for the new location. Information collected ranges from chair types to seforim styles and almost everything.

The newest addition is set to open in the coming weeks. To receive updates join our email list by emailing

Yagdil Torah’s newest expansion is due in no small part to support from people like you! We have many dedication opportunities available, as well as chances to sponsor ongoing costs. Contributions are tax-deductible with all the particulars associated with a 501(c)3 corporation.

Concurrent with ongoing preparations to open the new Heichal HaLimud, Yagdil Torah’s participants in the “Toras Chaim Amud-a-Day” study program are poised to complete Mesechta Pesachim and immediately begin Mesechta Rosh Hashanah this Sunday, Yud Aleph Cheshvan. The program offers a framework and stipends to both local and international applicants. The schedule is easy to follow, featuring realistic goals, monthly tests, and stipends for students who score a pre-set amount for a particular test.

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For more information contact or 347.223.5943

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