More Footage Surfaces From Friday Shooting, Shows Shootout Between Vehicles


In a story broken Motzei Shabbos on, a Crown Heights family miraculously missed a tragedy after their car was hit in errant gunfire from a shooting on Remsen Ave.

New footage has emerged from the shootout, shedding new light on what now appears to have been a two way shootout between vehicles.

As previously reported, the Jewish family, who lives nearby, had been driving their family minivan northbound on Remsen Ave around 5:00pm Friday afternoon when four gunshots rang out directly behind them.

original video from the shooting shows as the minivan immediately swerves into a homes parking spot as what appears to be a blue SUV slows down behind them.

The driver of the vehicle told that one of the first gunshots struck his vehicle and plastic debris were ricocheting around inside.

Pictures from the car showed that the bullet had struck the rear tailgate of the van, penetrating the outer shell and punching a hole out into the car. The bullet then broke through a portion of the interior plastic siding, spraying the debris inside the vehicle.

Miraculously, none of the vehicles occupants were injured, and the blue SUV pulled off to shoot at another vehicle further down the road.

The new video, which shows a new angle of the incident, gives a clear view of the second vehicle involved in the shooting, what appears to be a silver/blue BMW. The blue SUV can clearly be seen speeding past the BMW as the driver of the BMW appears to return fire from through the drivers side window.

Police were called and are investigating the incident.

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