Run Down Crown Heights Building to Get Demolished


A run-down building taking up prime real estate in Crown Heights will finally be demolished, has learned, potentially paving the way for a new development.

PREMINGER LAND LLC, the owner of 630 Crown Street, applied for demolition permits in May, and received notice on July 6th that demolition on the property would begin on July 16th.

“As per the New York City Building Department Regulations, we are sending you this notice to inform you that demolition work will commence in 10 days at the above-referenced property,” the notice read.

The property, built in the year 1931, has remained bricked up and stagnant for years and has been used recently as a location to park local school buses.

The building itself is rather impressive for the Crown Heights area, with three floors spanning 11,200 square feet and ample space around the building.

At present, no plans for construction have been filed with the city regarding future use of the lot.

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