Oholei Torah Signs On New, All-Inclusive Mesivta Building

The dream of every parent is to provide a warm, inspiring, and positive environment for his or her child. It is also the dream of every educator and educational institution. The world in which we live is best navigated and elevated if we have an oasis within which to flourish and grow.

This critical need is more acute for our teenage Bochurim, who deserve the best possible environment in which to learn, daven, eat, and develop into a young aspiring Temimim.

Often we have heard the sentiment, that the Talmidim of Mesivta need a proper building that would provide them with ‘Harchava’ so that the Talmidim can succeed to properly immerse themselves in learning without the interruptions in the middle of the day of going home for lunch and supper etc.

Many parents do not want to be compelled to send their 9th-grade son away for the year, aside from the enormous expenses that make it so difficult, many Talmidim do not necessarily do better away from home, and for many being sent away prematurely does not come without consequences.

As a community Moissed privileged to service the Rebbes Shchunah of כאן צוה ה’ את הברכה, how do we achieve the right chinuch solution for our Talmidim? How can we bring the advantages of out-of-town while keeping the boys close to home in the community?

In our active effort to bring the best Chinuch to all of our Talmidim, Oholei Torah is honored and excited to announce the signing of a brand new, all-inclusive property to house all aspects of the Oholei Torah Mesivta. After much due diligence, and with tremendous Sayata D’Shemya the Oholei Torah board has found the ideal space for our current and future student-body to bloom begashmius and beruchnius.

Within the broader reaches of Crown Heights, the building, at 555 Remsen Avenue, achieves the perfect balance of an undistracted cocoon, with a beautiful Beis Medrash and adequate classroom space the students will enjoy a complete immersive yeshiva experience.

One of its preexisting attributes is the state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor recreational and athletic areas, which will provide the Bochurim with on-site active and leisure activities to enjoy and unwind throughout the day’s breaks.

With plans for an on-site Mikvah and many other amenities, the building will be ready in time for this coming year Bez”h!

The close proximity to central crown heights will afford the local Talmidim the ability to sleep at home and continue to receive the warmth and guidance of their parents. While also having the out-of-town yeshiva experience, starting the day with a short 10-minute bus ride to Yeshiva, and returning home only after a complete day of learning. Experiencing “Goleh Lemakom Torah”, while retaining the close connection with family.

Additionally, Mesivta Oholei Torah offers a state-of-the-art dormitory option for in-town and out-of-town Talmidim, that wish to have the complete Yeshiva immersive experience.

As we read in the Hayom Yom of a few days ago, 8 Iyar, Chassidim are Shluchim of the Rebbe, bonded as one with the Meshaleach. Every aspect of one’s dimensions is bound to the Rebbe. Ess geit ah Chossid, esst ah Chossid, shloft ah Chossid—one walks like a Chossid, eats like a Chossid, sleeps like a Chossid. Being a Chossid is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive experience.

Providing an all-encompassing, all-inclusive environment for our Mesivta Bochurim was the primary driver for the acquisition of this property. The ultimate goal is for each Bochur to feel at home all times of the day, from learning, to eating, to walking, to sleeping, to exercising, all like a Chossid.

May this step in the continuous march to the Geulah fulfill the Hayom Yom on a personal and global level, ushering in a world that truly does see that ess geit ah Chossid, esst ah Chossid, shloft ah Chossid.

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