Top 10 Must Follow Instagram Accounts For Every Crown Heights’er

It’s the age of social media, and Instagram is all the rage for businesses, activists and every day people. With millions of accounts and a mountain of useless content, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Must Follow Instagram Accounts to stay abreast of the news, views and hottest content.


OK Kosher: @okkosher – Are you a foody? Than this is the place to be. The OK Kosher Instagram account is constantly updated with a stream of the newest kosher products. From healthy drinks and snacks to entire brands, you would be incredibly surprised what’s kosher if only you knew to look for them. On the sheer amount of interesting products displayed, we name this account a must a follow.


Crown Heights Hatzalah: @crownheightshatzalah – Although Crown Heights Hatzalah may be new’ish to social media, it’s a must follow account simply due to the fact that Hatzalah posts its emergency broadcasts here. Need to know of an outbreak of Flu or COVIDĀ in Crown Heights, this is where you will find it. @chinfo.official – The official Instagram account of, this account is where you will find all the most important Chabad stories and Breaking News, including Mazal Tovs and news bulletins. The account also includes a constant flow of interesting videos, photos and tidbits that make this account your #1 location for all your up-to-date Chabad-Lubavitch news.


Rivky Perl: @crownheightsmom – Need to feel the vibe? It can be found right here. The Crown Heights Mom isn’t just a Crown Heights Mom, she has her finger on the pulse of the community. Want inspiration, interaction and reminders to say Tehillim for those in need? It’s all to be found here, and missing her Instagram stories is missing a lot.


JEM: @jewish_media – For your daily dose of Rebbe you need only follow JEM’s Instagram, a place where you can get hooked while watching relevant Rebbe videos, photos and snippets. The amount of content available on this account is simply staggering, and is obviously maintained by a dedicated team of professionals. For Lubavitch high quality Rebbe content, this is a must follow.


Mendy Pellin: @mendypellin – Much can be said for this icon of Jewish entertainment, but something special can be said for his Instagram presence. Even without all the important events and dates Mendy lets you know about, his account is worth following simply for his Insta-Roundups. Save yourself some time and glance through his roundups to know what’s going on in the Jewish Instagram world, or use it to direct you to where to click next.


Naftali Marazow: @naftalimarazow – No Instagram feed would be complete without one of Chabad’s major photographers. Naftali’s photography is exquisite, bringing you behind the scenes and highlights from the community’s simchas. On the perfection, modesty and artistry of this Instagram account, it hits our must follow list.


Chabad Lubavitch Headquarters: @chabadlubavitchhq – How many times have you heard that it’s true, but just not yet official. If you are looking for the fully official Chabad Lubavitch news, such as when new Shluchim are appointed or major programs are launched, there is only one place to get the official information. Will it keep you entertained for hours? Probably not, but it’s a must follow for accurate information.


Mordechai Lightstone: @mottel – Looking for a modern, hip, and inspirational chabad account? this is it. The social media account of Mordechai Lightstone, the director @myTechTribe, is everything a young person wants to see. Starting from his first line, “I was in Brooklyn before it was cool,” to his stream of inspiring content and photos. It’s a must follow as a beacon of what Instagram can accomplish in the right hands.


Crown Heights Shomrim: @chshomrim – While perhaps not the most creative or busy account on social media, Crown Heights Shomrim’s Instagram is a vital safety source as that is where you will find accurate emergency alerts for the community. Searches for missing people, public alerts, and crime trends can all be found here. For its safety alerts alone, this must follow account is #1.

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