COVID Spike Hits Crown Heights, Targets Young People


The simmering COVID cases in Crown Heights spiked Purim time with a flurry of new cases reported, mostly among young adults and children.

A source within the medical community told that the sharp increase in cases was a shift in the recent trend of significant, yet stable numbers that has been ongoing in the community for months.

This time around, the virus appears to be targeting a different demographic than previous spikes, with mostly young adults and children being reported as ill. Earlier outbreaks of COVID-19 appeared to mainly target the elderly, causing life threatening illness and hospitalizations.

While the number of positive cases has increased in the community, there does not appear to be more critically ill cases than seen before, marking a sharp difference from a year ago when many were hospitalized or passed away.

The reason for the better outcomes of the recent cases is not clear, but is likely associated with their younger age, lack of other comorbidities, and better treatment options available.

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