Watch: Crown Heights Q&A Session Regarding The COVID Vaccine

Dr. Eli Rosen, veteran family physician to the Crown Heights Chabad community, hosted a Q&A regarding the COVID vaccine with guest Dr. Naor Bar Zeev, distinguished physician, epidemiologist, and vaccine expert. The Q&A was arranged by the Gedaliah Society, on January 14th, 2021 / 2 Shvat 5781.

Session breakdown by topic:

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3:20 How does the vaccine work?
12:39 Are children vectors?
15:21 How does the vaccine provide immunity?
19:55 Do we need masks and distancing after the vaccine?
20:30 One dose versus two doses?
25:40 How long will immunity from the vaccine last?
29:47 What about the new strains?
34:10 Is the vaccine safe?
50:31 Was the vaccine studied in pregnant women?
54:09 Does the vaccine affect fertility?
58:06 Does the vaccine affect or cause autoimmune disease?
1:02:17 What about other additives in the vaccine?
1:05:07 Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take the vaccine?
1:08:32 Aren’t people getting seriously ill and dying from the vaccine, and having serious allergies?
1:11:37 Aren’t many doctors against the vaccine?
1:14:47 Can the vaccine change your DNA?
1:16:31 Do we really need a vaccine if we have such good treatments?
1:17:47 If I’m young and healthy, why take the chance with the vaccine?
1:20:14 I had COVID and/or have antibodies; do I still need the vaccine?
1:24:25 Conclusion


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