Farbrengen and Siyum For The Yahrtzeit of Rambam

Join us for a Farbrengen Lekovod the Rambam’s Yahrtzeit tonight, Sunday night, 9:30 pm at Empire Shtiebel. The Farberengen will be lead by Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz Maggid Shiur of the daily 3 perakim Rambam taking place at 302 Kingston 770 nightly at 8:30 pm.

As well Rabbi Yuzewitz will be making the Siyum of ספר עבודה & beginning of ספר קרבנות which will be Followed by farbrengen.

Also Rabbi Sholom Ber Spielman Maggid Shiur of the 1 perek Rambam taking place at Lefferts Shul nightly at 7:15 pm, will be making a Siyum of הלכות שקלים & beginning of הלכות קידוש החודש.

You can Join by zoom at Irguntorah.org

There will also be a Farbrengen for the Hebrew speaking crowd in 770 at 10:30 pm by Rabbi Zalman Hertzel, Maggid Shiur of the daily 3 perakim Rambam in Hebrew taking place at 304 kingston / 770 nightly at 10:15pm.

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