Tzivos Hashem To Launch New Birthday Campaign in Crown Heights

Birthdays are always a highlight in a child’s life. They count down the days, they light up when someone asks them how old they are, and they often chatter ceaselessly about a party, a cake, and presents. For some though, the reminder that their birthday will not be celebrated like their friends makes it hard for them to have the same excitement.

In 1988, in honor of the Rebbetzin’s first birthday after she passed, the Rebbe established the very first birthday campaign, with which it was encouraged to celebrate Hebrew birthdays with a party. Today, as financial need grows every day to keep families afloat, birthdays are one thing that often fall to the wayside.

Tzivos Hashem is rolling out a brand new birthday campaign because all children deserve a birthday cake and something special on their birthday but not all can afford it. There are more than 1000 children in Crown Heights who have already qualified to be recipients, and we look forward to knowing that they will be able to celebrate on their birthday just like their friends, ensuring that the Rebbe’s directive is fulfilled by children throughout our community.

These children will be receiving a $20 gift certificate to a local toy store, a birthday cake, drinks, coins for צדקה, and a 12 pesukim booklet all in a beautiful bag. Due to the cost of each package, our reach is limited, but we look forward to expanding this program in the years to come, with the support of our generous community.

If you would like to sponsor a child(ren) and take part in this brand new initiative, please contact Mindy at our office: 718-467-0600 ex: 8860, or by email:

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