Crown Heights Update: COVID-19 By The Numbers As Of 11/12/20


The “fog” of the COVID-19 numbers are forever a matter of contention. How many tests were done versus the number of positive cases? What are the areas positive “rates”?

Let’s take a look at the raw data for the Crown Heights area.

NOTE: The city has updated it’s reporting to provide more recent data, and has not provided a death count by ZIP Code.

The following data comes from the New York City Department of Health website. All numbers are of a week of tests up to November 11th.

How many COVID tests were done?

11213- 1487 tests done, with a 2.69% Positive Rate

11225- 1597 tests done, with a 1.82% Positive Rate

11203- 1758 test done, with a 1.25% Positive Rate

How many of the tests were positive?

11213- 40 of the tests were reported as positive

11225- 29 of the tests were reported as positive

11203- 22 of the tests were reported as positive

Check the numbers from the four weeks ending on 10/10/20, 10/17/20, 10/24/20, and 10/31/20.