Rabbi Braun Weighs in On School COVID Testing Waiver Controversy

by CrownHeights.info

A little late, but Rabbi Braun has weighed in on the Crown Heights Schools COVID testing Waiver controversy that has rocked the community.

Rabbi Braun began his nearly seventeen-minute message on the waiver controversy noting that he had been hesitant to make any public comment in the hopes that the issue would die down, but unfortunately, it had not. Instead, he said that it is instead “ripping apart our community.”

To set the stage, Braun outlined the way Lubavitch looks at the division of power, enabling decisions to be made the “mumchim” and “Yedidim” in any particular field.

Noting the Rebbe’s well-documented answers that medical questions should go to doctors and Askanus questions should go to askanim, Rabbi Braun said that he felt this issue was solely a question of Chinuch, and therefore should be made in it’s entirety by the schools themselves.

He briefly skimmed over the relationship between parents and schools, highlighting the fact that should there not be an amicable resolution to a conflict, the parents should remove their child from school, and the school has the right to send a child home.

Braun noted that the schools had received a lawyers letter in connection with the controversy, and made it clear that such actions are against Halacha.

Rabbi Braun ended the message with the call to back the communities Mosdos, giving them chizuk for all the incredible things that they have done throughout this trying time.

Listen to the full message:

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