The 71st Precinct Welcomes New Executive Officer


The 71st NYPD precinct in Crown Heights welcomed Captain Souffrant this past week as it’s new Executive Officer.

Captain Souffrant. who started his in the NYPD in 2005, is a US Army veteran, and was previously the Executive Officer of the 63rd Precinct.

“We would like to issue a warm welcome to our new Executive Officer Captain Souffrant,” the precinct wrote on Twitter. “Captain Souffrant was previously the Executive Officer of the 63rd Precinct and is very excited to be part of the 71st Precinct. Welcome Captain!!”

Captain Souffrant is also not a stranger to the Jewish community, having serve in the 63rd Precinct which covers Jewish areas including Mill Basin

Souffrant was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2017, and also served as Chief Warrant Officer in the 63rd precinct.

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