Confirmed COVID-19 Case In Oholei Torah Zal, Bochurim to Enter Quarantine


The administration and hanhaloh of Oholei Torah acted quickly Sunday evening, placing the entire Zal into quarantine after one of the bochurim was confirmed to have COVID-19.

“Unfortinately there has been a case of Coronavirus in Yeshiva,” parents of the Zal students were informed. “That means that any bochur in yeshiva will have to stay in the yeshiva/dormitory building at least until the end of seder, vuv tishrei.”

According to sources within the student body, the yeshiva seder will continue to function as normal, with the students being placed in a “bubble” and restricted from leaving the yeshiva or dorms at any time.

For those bochurim who were not staying in the dorms, a temporary dorm was opened in Crown Heights, allowing the boys to continue with seder as normal. For any who did not wish to join the “bubble,” they would be excluded from the yeshiva until the quarantine is lifted.

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