A Crown Heights Quad Mitzvah

Just a few nights ago in Crown Heights, four sets of parents teamed up to create a unique Bar-Mitzvah celebration for their sons. The event was a collaboration across the board and the overall results were quadrupled.

The four boys seemed more relaxed and at ease when sharing their portion of the Ma’amer, which they had divided into quarters, and truly felt the support of their peers; each mother worked hard to create a scrumptious delicacy that gave the festive meal a personal touch; and the Lebedike music performed by Shimon Tevel Music set the vibe for a perfect evening.

While the boys were happy just being among each other, there was another major but simple highlight that kept the smiles soaring. Shimon Caplan from www.bigday.events prepared a customized photo booth that the guests had a blast using. The template had a picture of the four celebrants holding a sign displaying their birthdays, and guests had the opportunity to use virtual props as their personalized pictures were taken. The kiosk then instantly printed their themed photos as awesome party favors.

When times are tough, we can always do with adding more light, and the happiness and fun of the event were a welcome beacon celebrating this milestone in the lives of these young men.

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