Options For Selling Your Chometz This Year

With Pesach just a week away, and in person sale of Chometz not possible this year, many are looking for other options to sell their Chometz. Here are some options for the sale through Lubavitch Rabbonim.

      • The Crown Heights Beis Din: Click on the name of the Rov to be forwarded to their Mechiras Chometz form. Rabbi Osdoba, Rabbi Braun, and Rabbi Shwei.
      • Rabbi Bogomilsky: Rabbi Bogomilsky will be accepting chometz for sale through a variety of methods, including dropping a completed form in his mailbox. You can also contact him to submit a form by phone at (718) 756-3236, Fax (7180 756-7272, or email at Bogomilsky@aol.com. (See downloadable Shtar Harsha below)
      • Chabad.org: Chabad.org sells Chometz through Rabbi Yosef Landa. Click Here to go to the sale page.
      • Rabbi Levi Garelik: Rabbi Garelik has multiple ways of submitting your chometz including a physical kinyon. Click here to visit his site for more information.

Click to Download: Rabbi Bogomilsky Shtar Harsha

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