Misameiach Chosson V’Kallah: Crown Heights, We Can Do It Again

The wedding of Berel Lavner and Rivkie Levinson was planned for Thursday night with a large crowd of family and friends.

But with the widespread outbreak of coronavirus and instructions to remain isolated. Borders are closed and all family and friends that planned on coming in had to cancel.

Approximately fifty of the Chossons friends got together and decided to give Berel & Rivkie the surprise of their life.

As soon as the Chupah is over, starting at 5:00pm there will be a beautiful convertible with blasting music ready to drive them through the streets of Crown Heights.

Instead of 20 people at their wedding, there will be thousands of people from the whole Crown Heights, making it an experience which they will remember for life.

We ask that the entire Crown Heights join in this beautiful Simcha/Mitzvah by standing on your porches playing with your instruments, holding up your sign’s, spraying your confetti or by simply dancing, clapping and cheering from your porch.

PS: We ask that nobody should approach the car, based on the request from the 71st precinct

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