770 To Be Patrolled For Closure Compliance, Marshalls To Make Arrests

by CrownHeights.info

In an escalation on enforcing the closure orders made by the state and city, 770 Eastern Parkway will be patrolled, and arrests made, for anyone breaking the closure and congregation restrictions put in place to combat the COVID-19 virus.

The NYPD informed CrownHeights.info of the anticipated crackdown, asking that the message be published to the community.

The crackdown is being made after the entire 770 was closed for the first time, only to have bochurim break in on multiple occasions.

A large Minyan Maariv taking place outside 770 last week also sparked a fight that ended with one Bochur arrested.

“This is going to effect the community directly,” Detective Vincent Martinoz told Crown Heights.info.

The anticipated crackdown will be enforced by New York City Marshalls, not the local 71st precinct which understands the delicate nuances of the Crown Heights community.

Everyone should please abide by the rules and restrictions put in place, as well a the edicts of the Rabbonim of Crown Heights.

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