Girls Sicha Shiur Now Available On Conference Call

Due to popular demand and request by many who are unable to attend the local Crown Heights class, the popular class by Rabbi Mendy Wolf is now available to listen live via conference call.

The conference call will be available Thursdays at 8:00pm by calling 425-436-6327, and entering access Code: 450634..

Feedback from previous Shiurim:

“BH it worked out very well! Over 40 girls came, the place was perfect, great food, and heard very nice feedback. Girls are looking forward to continue!”

“The Shiur was about an hour, some girls stayed after for some questions but they appreciated that it was an hour and able to learn the Sicha in that amount of time”

“We also had a conference call number, for girls out of town to call in and people enjoyed that”

“Really came away inspired and a deeper appreciation for learning a sicha in a meaningful and practical way”

When: Thursday Nights at 8:00pm
Where: 1349 President Street
Whom: By Rabbi Mendy Wolf

Arranged by and Learn.Connect.Inspire!

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