Four New Project Likutei Sichos Shiurim In Crown Heights For Women

In conjunction with the “Project Likkutei Sichos,” and in honor of 70 years nesius of the Rebbe, starting this week there will be four new weekly Likutei Sichos shiurim for women begining in Crown Heights.

Shiurim will be held on Shabbos afternoons, as well as Monday and Tuesday nights.

  1. Shabbos afternoon 5:00pm with Mrs. Devori Niasov at The MC Center 556 Crown St. Apt A6 @ The Kitchen Lounge. Beginning Shabbos afternoon March 14th.
  2. Shabbos afternoon 5:00pm with Rabbi Levke Kaplan at The MC Center 556 Crown St. 1st floor @ The Beinoni Shul. Beginning Shabbos afternoon March 14th.
  3. Mondays 8:45-9:30pm with Rabbi Chananya Hoffinger, a Visual Presentation Shiur at The MC Center 556 Crown St. 2nd Flr. At The Library.
  4. Tuesday nights 7:00pm with Rabbi Yosef Barber at The MC Center 556 Crown St. 1st floor @ The Beinoni Shul.

Give a gift to the Rebbe, give a gift to yourself!

Connect to the Rebbe, connect to your essence!

Be inspired and uplifted on a weekly basis with the timeless Horaos, wisdom, insights and guidance from the Rebbe.

Shiurim arranged by Hiskashrus.Org, IrgunTorah.Org Learn.Connect.Inspire.

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